Fence Staining Service - Flower Mound, TX

Applying a Semi-Transparent Stain on a Fence

Even a Gentle, Semi-Transparent Stain Offers Water Resistance and Pest Protection.

Do you want to ensure professional care and enduring results for your Flower Mound, TX fence staining? Then speak to any of our courteous, knowledgeable professionals at Pro Seal Restoration! Our team supplies hundreds of families and businesses with affordable staining solutions, and we’d love to serve you too. If you’d like to find out more regarding our staining solutions, dial (817) 506-7722.

Additional Staining Services

Wood Decks

Deck Staining

Is your deck beginning to lose its color due to constant exposure to UV rays? Discover our powerful deck staining solutions, with color-enhancing capabilities! Whether you’re attracted to natural tones or more vibrant style, we will help you find the color you desire. To receive a quote for your deck staining, reach out to our team with the number above!

Arbors & Pergolas

Arbor Staining

How can outdoor enthusiasts ensure their gorgeous wooden arbor or pergola lasts for years to come? A quality stain supplies your wooden home decor with the UV ray and insect protection it needs to last for years. As the stain settles into the pores of your arbor or pergola, you’ll also notice a marked difference in water resistance. Finally, the powerful Wood Defender products we utilize come with potent anti-fungal and anti-mildew additives for even more protection.

Garage Doors

Garage Door Staining

Has your wooden garage door begun to lose color?

With a professional grade stain, our experts will defend the wood against harmful UV rays while also restoring your garage door’s pleasant color. Speak with a member of our staining team about discovering your perfect hue! You can also hear further information about the staining process, including how long your personal project should take.

Fence Painting Services

A White Wooden Fence in the Backyard

Want to Protect Your Fence From Fading and Rust? Ask About Our Painting Services!

At Pro Seal Restoration, our team also provides painting solutions for your fence! When it comes to fencing, paint solutions have more to offer than decorative value. Your fence will also experience elevated environmental defenses too, including improved resistance to ultraviolet rays and rusting. Careful cleaning before each project allows our crew to ensure lasting results with our painting.

Enjoy the terrific results and helpful service of our Flower Mound, TX fence staining and painting team! Call (817) 506-7722 today for your estimate.

Wood Fences

Wood Fence Painting

Ultraviolet light inflicts lasting damage on exposed wood. That’s why your lovely fencing steadily loses its vibrancy over the years. If your fence is defended with a quality coat of paint however, the additional UV ray layer guards the wood from color loss. The natural oils in the timber also endure longer, meaning fewer incidents of cracking and splintering.

For additional information about our wood fence painting, call our expert painters at the number above.

Iron Fences

Iron Fence Painting Service

Want to restore your lovely, wrought iron fence with a fresh paint coating? Call our team! Our paint projects always start with thoroughly cleaning the iron and ensuring your fence is ready to receive layers of fresh color. Whether you enjoy traditional black shades or more bold hues, anticipate fantastic results from our professionals! We realize it demands courage to place your beautiful fence in our hands, so feel free to see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about us in the reviews!

Pipe Fences

Pipe Fence Painting

After you’ve finished the time-consuming work of building a large pipe fence, you likely aren’t wanting to rush into the challenging project of painting it. The professionals at Pro Seal Restoration will gladly complete the job of painting your pipe fence, to save you valuable time and effort. Our diligent preparatory cleaning guarantees your chosen paint color will adhere smoothly to your cattle or pipe fenceYou’ll love the attractive results of our work, and your fence will appreciate the added rust resistance!