Fence Staining Service - Haltom City, TX

Applying a Semi-Transparent Stain on a Fence

Even a Gentle, Semi-Transparent Stain Offers Water Resistance and Pest Protection.

Are you looking for a trusted local company to provide your Haltom City, TX fence staining? Our knowledgeable, courteous professionals at Pro Seal Restoration would love to talk with you! We supply families and businesses alike with premium staining services, and we’d love to serve you too. Call our team today at (817) 506-7722 to begin.

Additional Staining Services

Wood Decks

Deck Staining

Is your deck starting to fade due to constant exposure to UV rays? Learn about the defensive, color-enhancing benefits of our deck staining solutions! We have a wide assortment of colors and hues, making it easier to find the style you crave. Talk with one of our knowledgeable staining pros at the number mentioned above, and get an estimate for your deck staining project!

Arbors & Pergolas

Arbor Staining

Maintaining for your wooden arbor or pergola takes a good deal of doing, but the work pays off. A quality stain supplies your exterior home decor with the UV ray and pest protection it needs to last for years. As the stain settles into the pores of your arbor or pergola, you’ll also see a marked improvement in water resistance. Our teams like to utilize Wood Defender staining products, as these feature potent anti-fungal and anti-mildew modifications.

Garage Doors

Garage Door Staining

Are you looking to rekindle the color in your old garage door?

A lovely stain from our local team will restore the color of your garage door, while providing additional protection against the fading rays of the sun. You can share your color ideas with one of staining pros, and find out which product should work best for you. They’ll happily explain our staining service, including how much time your garage door staining should take.

Fence Painting Services

A White Wooden Fence in the Backyard

Want to Protect Your Fence From Fading and Rust? Ask About Our Painting Services!

That’s right. Our crew at Pro Seal Restoration offers painting solutions too! Painting brings more than just aesthetic benefits for your wood or metal fencing. A brand-new application of paint combats the sun’s UV radiation and the weakening effects of rust. Our painters carefully prepare fencing before every project to ensure lasting results once we’ve finished painting.

See for yourself when you phone our company at (817) 506-7722 and inquire about our Haltom City, TX fence staining and painting services.

Wood Fences

Wood Fence Painting

When exposed wood lies in the sun for an extended time, it naturally fades. This is why even the most durable wood materials lose their color over the years. If your fence is defended with a quality coat of paint however, the additional UV ray layer safeguards the wood from color loss. You’ll also notice fewer incidents of splitting and fraying, because paint also guards the natural oils produced by timber.

For additional information regarding our wood fence painting, contact our expert painters at the number above.

Iron Fences

Iron Fence Painting Service

With our painting solutions, the crew at Pro Seal Restoration will gladly help you maintain your beautiful wrought iron fence. Our comprehensive cleaning and priming work guarantees that the iron will effortlessly receive smooth, rich paint. Whether your tastes run towards forest green or a midnight black, you’ll love the results of our work! We know it takes faith to put your beautiful fence in our hands, so feel free to see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about us in the reviews!

Pipe Fences

Pipe Fence Painting

If you’ve ever installed an expansive cattle fence for your home or business, it’s challenging work. Our professionals at Pro Seal Restoration will gladly take on the task of painting your pipe fence, to save you valuable time and effort. Our painting projects for cattle and pipe fences begin with a full cleaning and sanding, so that your chosen paint color has a smooth surface to adhere to. You’ll like the attractive results of our team, and your fence will appreciate the improved rust resistance!