Fence Staining Service - Mineral Wells, TX

Applying a Semi-Transparent Stain on a Fence

Even a Gentle, Semi-Transparent Stain Offers Water Resistance and Pest Protection.

Do you want to guarantee professional care and long-term results for your Mineral Wells, TX fence staining? Find the professionalism you deserve with our kind, knowledgeable professionals at Pro Seal Restoration! Our crew supplies hundreds of families and companies with affordable staining solutions, and we’d love to serve you too. If you’d like to find out more about our staining services, dial (817) 506-7722.

Additional Staining Services

Wood Decks

Deck Staining

If you’re worried about wood rot or pests degrading your beautiful wood deck, we can help. Learn about the protective, color-enhancing benefits of our deck staining services! Whatever design and color you desire, our experts can help you find it. For additional details regarding our deck staining solutions, such as our optional cleaning service, contact our team at the number listed above!

Arbors & Pergolas

Arbor Staining

Caring for your exquisite backyard pergola or arbor may be challenging, but it’s worth the effort! Our staining solutions defend your home’s wood decor from fading ultraviolet radiation, plus harmful pests. As the stain sinks into the grain of your arbor or pergola, you’ll also notice a marked difference in water resistance. Our Wood Defender staining products also include helpful additives that resist mildew and fungal growth!

Garage Doors

Garage Door Staining

Is the timber in your garage door fading?

A beautiful stain from our seasoned team can renew the color of your garage door, while providing additional protection against the fading rays of the sun. Speak with a member of our staining team about finding your perfect shade! For further information about garage door staining, including project duration and application, talk with our team today!

Fence Painting Services

A White Wooden Fence in the Backyard

Want to Protect Your Fence From Fading and Rust? Ask About Our Painting Services!

For homeowners and enterprises that require it, our Pro Seal Restoration team also offers fence painting services. When it comes to fencing, painting has more to offer than mere aesthetics. A brand-new coating of paint fights against the sun’s UV radiation and the degrading powers of rust. Diligent cleaning before each project allows our team to ensure lasting results with our painting.

Enjoy the amazing work and helpful service of our Mineral Wells, TX fence staining and painting team! Dial (817) 506-7722 today for your estimate.

Wood Fences

Wood Fence Painting

After continual exposure, UV light begins to destroy the pigment in uncovered wood. Even pressure treated wood can start to lose color after so many years. With a defensive coating of paint blocking the ultraviolet light, your wooden fence will endure longer. As the natural oils in timber are allowed to thrive, homeowners will start to notice less cracking and splintering.

For further information about scheduling, pricing, or other factors, call our team today at the number shown above.

Iron Fences

Iron Fence Painting Service

Want help maintaining your exquisite wrought iron fence? Ask about our cleaning and painting solutions! Our paint projects always begin with diligently preparing the iron and making sure your fence is ready to receive layers of fresh color. Whether you enjoy classic black shades or more bold colors, anticipate beautiful results from our professionals! We encourage your family to read our reviews! Our professionals at Pro Seal Restoration know that entrusting your fence to our care requires a little faith, but you’ll soon see why countless homeowners and businesses come to us!

Pipe Fences

Pipe Fence Painting

We know that installing a grand cattle fence for your home or personal company is time-consuming work. You can save yourself significant time and effort by taking your fencing project to the professionals at Pro Seal Restoration. Our painting projects for cattle and pipe fences begin with a full cleaning and sanding, so that your chosen paint color has a smooth surface to adhere to. You’ll love the attractive hue of your paint, and your fence will experience years of rust resistance.