Wood Fence Painting

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Our Professionals Diligently Clean and Prime Your Fence Before Painting Officially Begins.

Now that you have a gorgeous wood fence protecting your home, what are you going to do to make it last? Our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX wood fence painting and staining services can slow the natural degradation process. You’ll also enjoy discovering the rich, vibrant colors we have available, and finding that perfect hue for your home. If you’d like to learn choosing your paint color or protecting your fence, call our experienced professionals at (817) 506-7722!

Painting Process

Below, we’ve broken down the painting process from start to finish. If you have questions, or if you would like to get an estimate for your personal fence project, call us at (817) 506-7722 to learn more. Be sure to check out our reviews to see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX wood fence painting services.


Preparing a Fence for Painting

So what needs to be done to prepare your fence for painting? First off, you need to make sure that the timber is ready to receive the paint. This is a problem for newly installed fences sometimes, especially if the wood hasn’t had time to dry out. If you have a brand new fence, you’ll want to consult with our painting professional about whether or not the wood is ready for painting. There could be an essential waiting period.

If your wood has settled in and is ready for painting, you’ll next need to have it cleaned. Our fence experts are happy to perform the cleaning work for you, or you prepare the fence yourself. It’s important that all dirt, mold, and mildew is cleared away, so that the paint can be smoothly applied. The wood may also need a light sanding to open up the wood pores. After rinsing off the timber, the fence will require a 24 hour period to dry. Afterwards, it should be ready!


Applying the Paint

Painting should be performed during a time with a clear weather forecast. We like to have clear weather before and after the painting project to ensure sufficient drying time. Once, the freshly cleaned fence has dried out, we’ll start by applying a quality primer. The best primers contain ingredients that kill and prevent mildew spores. Primer is very important for guaranteeing maximum paint coverage and adhesion.

Once the primer has been applied, there will be a short wait time while the wood dries. This may take a few hours. Next comes your chosen top coat of paint. Oil-based products are very sturdy, but acrylic latex paint tends to last longer and handle seasonal temperature variance better. Our team carefully applies the paint in a smooth, even coating to ensure the most attractive results. 


Once completed, the paint should be dry to touch within a few hours. It should be completely dry within 24 hours, after which you will love your beautiful paint job! Barring a weather emergency or an accident, you can expect the paint to last about 5 years.

Painting Over Staining

There are countless options for protecting your wood fence. So why choose painting over a stain? It’s really a matter of preference, but painting does have a few advantages over staining when it comes to protecting your fence.

For homeowners that favor more vibrant colors, paint offers a very wide spectrum to choose from. Paint also offers a notable advantage in defense against UV rays, which are responsible for fading your wood fence. Paint is a clear choice for those wanting the best ultraviolet protection and color variety.

Additional Benefits

A Beautiful But Worn Red Fence

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Termites prefer to eat wood that has already started to decay. Once the wood has started to break down, they are willing to chew through many substances to get to the timber’s cellulite. However, they will not chew through paint to find their meal. If a fence is thoroughly painted and the below-ground portions properly covered with concrete, termites should leave your fence alone.

The layer of paint on your fence also protects it from other hazards. For one, it waterproofs your fencing, preventing the development of mold and certain forms of wood rot. The extra UV protection also defends the natural oils released by the wood, which in turn prevent splintering and cracking. That’s good news if you (or the kids) like to walk around the yard barefoot!

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