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When a fence gate becomes damaged, either by years of gradual wear or by an unexpected accident, prompt repair service is critical. That’s especially true for gate trauma that prevents the system from functioning as intended. At Pro Seal Restoration, we provide quick and reliable service for faded, dislocated, or run down fence gate.

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Addressing Common Gate Problems

Wood is a unique, ever-changing material that expands and contracts with the seasons. This ever-shifting material can create some painful situations for homeowners. Below, you'll see some of the most common problems that plague homeowners, plus how team provides assistance.


Gate Sagging

Does your gate door sag on one side as it swings open? This can be an irritating problem, especially if the door strikes the ground as it swings or the latch doesn’t catch when it closes. Sagging is often the result of insufficient support in the door’s frame. There’s also the possibility that the hinges aren’t securely attached to the supporting fence post.

Our first course of action is to determine the structural weakness that is causing the sagging. That may lead to reinforcing the gate door with one or multiple crossboards. If the hinges are to blame, we can install a stronger hinge at a secure angle so that the gate door is properly supported.

Gate Posts

Rotted Fence Posts

Just as posts serve as the foundation for your wood fencing, they also serve as the supports for many a wooden gate. Improper installation or simple wear can eventually degrade them to the point of noticeable failure. In simple terms, they start to lean or crack. So what can be done to restore the wooden gate in this situation? First, our professionals will thoroughly assess the post to find out what went wrong.

In many cases, the screws holding the gate latch were installed at the wrong angle, which causes the screws to pull outward. That can leave your gate hinges hanging precariously as the screws become dislodged. In other cases, installers fail to drill pilot holes before placing the screws, which causes the wood to split and weakens the screw holds. If this is the situation with your gate, our professionals can install new, stronger hinges in a way that doesn’t cause unnecessary strain on the screws.

There’s also the potential that the wood posts weren’t installed with adequate support beneath the ground. If your gate has started to lean, it could be that the posts are exposed to underground moisture and have started to rot. If that’s the case, new posts will have to be installed during your wood gate repair, with the appropriate concrete protection.

Door Wood

Degraded Gate Panels

Wooden materials, even pressure treated products, will naturally degrade over their lifetime. However, this process can be accelerated if the wood isn’t properly sealed and coated by the company that installed your gate. Ultraviolet light from the sun slowly destroys the pigment inside the wood, which causes fading. UV rays also dry of the wood oils responsible for preventing cracking and splintering.

If the wood panels are still in fair condition (faded but unbroken), our wood restoration services can find a suitable stain and sealer product to protect the timber. Stains sink into the wood grain and produce a water resistant barrier. That’s helpful for preventing fungal growth and mildew. The top coat in our staining supplies also supplies a durable shield against ultraviolet light, preventing unwanted fading.

Should any of the wood panels require replacement, our team would be happy to mend the damaged areas. Pressure treated wood is highly recommended, because its considerably more resilient against fungal growth and wood-eating pests (carpenter ants, termites, etc.). You can talk with one of our specialists about long-term protection after your wood gate repair.

What to Expect From Us

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Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals will carefully analyze your system so that they can fully understand what needs to be accomplished during your wood gate repair. After the gate has been serviced, you can expect full functionality to be restored. We’ve provided countless homeowners and businesses with reliable service, as you can see in our happy customer reviews!

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