How do you repair a hole in a wooden fence?

damaged fencing

Damage to a wooden fence

They say that fences make the best neighbors. Wooden fences are commonplace in urban neighborhoods. They provide privacy and security. Nevertheless, when it comes to fences, a common debate for that fence repair, who is responsible, you or your neighbor? Or questions like which is the better option, fence repair or replacement, you wonder if having a fence for your neighbor is better.  

Once you’ve determined whose responsibility it is when there are fences to repair, the next clarifying question, which is better: fence repair vs replacing the old with new? There can be many facets with fence repair, and those lead to many questions, which we will address here.

Do you need a permit to repair a fence?

This will totally depend on where you live. In most cases, you do not need a permit for fence repair or replace portions of a fence. Replacing portions of an existing fence may have stipulations, like a few sections or the height of the fence portions being replaced. Also, where the fence repair is needed, like the front of a business or resident, if it is on a busy street, etc. and why the repair or replacement is needed.

Experts suggest that you contact your local governing office and inquire what it requires doing, what fence repair or replacement you’re needing. They will most likely ask questions to clarify the request, and some municipalities may ask for pictures of the existing fence and sketches of what you have planned.  

How do you straighten a leaning fence?

For a leaning fence repair pushing it upright will not work. You must dig out around the pole or risk cracking the posting or worse, breaking it off at the base.  This could all create more of a problem than you have already.  

A professional fence contractor will precisely dig the depth and distance needed, then straighten the pole using, burying stakes all around it, then fill with cement. They will move the dirt back around the pole, packing it down after the cement dries.

How often should a wood fence be replaced?

A wooden fence made with high-quality materials and care should last 10 years. Rare cases, there are fences have lasted 20 years.  Just like anything that is exposed to the climate and elements will eventually need to be replaced. The 5 things that show that fence repair is not enough, and replacement is the best way to go are:

  • There’s Rot All-Around:
  • If you have only one board that has rot, that can be replaced. A wooden fence that has more rot than it doesn’t, then fence repair isn’t a workable way to go.
  • It Leans:
  • When the natural elements of rain and wind have taken their toll on your fence, and the ground has shifted, this may cause your fence to lean in one direction. Some fences may lean in several directions. Fence repair will not make this right. Your only choice is fence replacement.
  • Boards Missing or Splitting:
  • One missing board or one board splitting, fence repair is doable. When you have several missing boards or several splitting boards, it is time for a fence replacement.  
  • Loose or Missing Fasteners:
  • Your fence is only as strong as the things that hold it together. If there are several nails or screws loose or missing, you can replace them as you go, but when there are almost as many lose or missing, it is time to consider fence replacement.
  • Costly Repairs:
  • When fence repairs cost as much as replacing the fence or replacing it isn’t much more, then skip the fence repair and replace it.

How do I keep my wooden fence from rotting?

Fence rot can be prevented by applying a wood preservative on it the day your contractor installs it. Regular maintenance afterward is necessary which means a visual inspection for loose boards or missing nails and screws, then making any fence repair as needed. If you notice rotting along the fence in many places, especially along the bottom, it may be time to investigate replacing the fence.  

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Is fence repair covered by insurance?

Every homeowner’s insurance policy differs, and the best way to get the right answer to this is to ask your agent or check your policy. There will be specific limits stated in your policy that will dictate what they will cover or not cover in the way of fence repairs or replacements.

In most cases, how the fence was damaged will be the deciding factor if your homeowner’s insurance will pay for fence repair or replacement.  If your fence is damaged because of an earthquake or flood, unless you have specifics stating protection for this, then it most likely won’t pay for any fence repair or fence replacement.

Your home is an asset and the things that define it and protect it are a value to that asset. From the landscaping and trees that you have around your home to the fence and the roofing, they each accent or protect your home. Taking care of each of these is important in keeping the value of your home protected. Call (817) 506-7722 today for all of your fence repair needs in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX.