How to install an iron fence

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Why do they call it wrought iron?

A wrought iron fence can be a beautiful addition to any home. Iron fence landscaping provides a business or private property a touch of style while setting boundaries and establishing property lines. 

As with songs, we often misconstrue words, and that is true with many other things, like iron fence terms.  Is it wrought or rod iron? This style of iron fence is often mistakenly called “rod iron” or “rot iron”, however, the correct term and pronunciation is “wrought iron.” Wrought is derived from the verb “work” and when put with iron, it means “a worked iron” or “a forged iron”.

When the general public speak of wrought iron, there are three things they could be referring: 

  • Actual wrought iron
  • Hand forged items
  • Wrought iron look-a-like

The word “wrought” is another verb for the word “worked”, so “wrought iron” is “worked iron”. It is worked until it is the shape the iron fabricator desires. The word wrought is defined as “to be forged and formed in a plastic state developing an ornamental effect.” 

Wrought is a description of the process and the type of metal being worked. Technically,  by that definition though, any metal can be “wrought” or “worked” but the common use of the word and the perception is applied to ferrous metals. 

What is difference between wrought iron and cast iron?

Two ways to determine the difference would be: 

1). When we speak of “wrought” iron, we are speaking of metal that has been ‘worked’. Metal that has been ‘worked’ has been bent, hammered, and twisted into a shape. A vision most have of wrought iron is a blacksmith in an apron hammering metal on an anvil. 

2). Cast iron is poured into molds at a foundry. 

Further differences are described with wrought iron isn’t as brittle as cast iron and has a lower content of carbon. That make it a harder and stronger metal but leaves it weldable metal. Where wrought iron was THE metal to use in the almost all manufacturing around the world, mild steel replaced it in popularity due to cost and ease of obtaining. 

 Wrought iron has all but disappeared by the 1970’s for commercial scale. For conservation purpose, it is still replicated and restored. What you may purchase today in furniture, gates, lighting, ornamental décor, and railings that is described as “wrought iron” is actually a mild steel replicate to look like wrought iron. 

How much does iron fencing cost?

 Perhaps you’re considering an iron fence backyard, doing something a little different than the neighbors. Iron fence will give your landscaping a more classic style versus the traditional wooden privacy fence or chain link fence. 

Pricing will vary from area to area, and you’d be wise to get 2 or 3 written iron fence estimates before choosing the contractor you’ll use. On the average, a homeowner can expect to pay between $26 per linear foot for a low end wrought iron fence up to $34 per linear foot for a higher end style iron fence. 

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How much is a wrought iron gate?

Most wrought iron fence gates are pre-built with pricing as low as $200 and as high as $7,000, all depending on the size your need along with other details. To have the iron fence gate installed, you can expect a total price to start around $300 and go up to $9,000. If you’re looking for a one person width iron fence gate, you could purchase one for around $300 and install it yourself, saving that install fee. 

If it isn’t as commonplace anymore, why is wrought iron so expensive? The design and style of a wrought iron is done all by hand.  Anything made by hand will cost more, like clothing, fresh foods, etc. Wrought iron is repeatedly heated and reworked, a manufacturing process that gives it the laminar structure desired. It has a high tensile strength and is more flexible than cast iron.

Did you know that wrought iron, true wrought iron, can be recycled? While steel is the most common recycled metal on Earth according to the American Iron & Steel Institute. 

Because wrought iron is a ferrous metal, meaning it is made from a combination of carbon and iron, it can be recycled repeatedly without the properties that make it be altered. Metals are separated by two classifications: 

Ferrous metals that are combinations of carbon and iron include iron and carbon. Examples of ferrous metals are: 

  • Alloy steel
  • Carbon steel, 
  • Cast iron
  • Wrought iron

Non-ferrous metals are the precious metals like: 

  • Gold
  • Iridium
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Silver

Wrought iron companies buy scrap wrought iron and will check any metal that appears to be wrought iron. They seek out old wrought iron items like: 

  • Anchors and anchor chains
  • Gas holder tire bars, 
  • Iron bridges
  • Iron railings

If you have wrought iron to sell for recycling and you’re not able to find a wrought iron company, talk to an antique shop, a boutique, or garden center. They will often repurpose, and use wrought iron products for their displays if they don’t sell it. Call (817) 506-7722 today for your iron fence installation in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX.