Is It Better to Stain Or Paint A Deck?

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Learn More About Deck Stains

Benefit from the aesthetic of wood in your home or business for rustic warmth. Create a sense of sleek space with a deck stain that can bring out the colors and dimensions of your deck wood. Not only will a deck stain provide aesthetic appeal, but a good deck stain will also add protection against foot traffic and weather. Be sure to get in touch with a professional if you’re looking for a particular emphasis on wood restoration or maybe would even like to go so far as to providing protection to your roof with roof coatings. Before that, here is some helpful information regarding deck stains.

What is the most popular deck stain color?

Popular deck stain colors tend to be more muted to bring out the color of wood, yet there are also stain colors that are emerging in popularity with owners around the country. A classic light brown hue can emphasize the original color of the wood while adding extra pigment which doesn’t take away from the look but simply highlights natural tones. This stain color tends to go well with dark-colored houses. Other popular colors include light gray which works well with blue, white or tan houses. With light brown or gray houses blue hues are a popular choice. As for gray-white hues, this color is often used as it’s great for allowing dust or dirt to blend into the mold. 

Which is the best deck stain?

A good deck stain will offer protection in various forms. Ideally, it will block UV light which can prematurely age wood. A good deck stain will also protect from water infiltration when storms come about. Essentially, it should add a layer of protection from natural wear and climate changes.

Will deck stain fade?

A deck stain can fade after a few years or from heavy foot traffic. Recoating will solve the issue and are easy to implement over older coats.

Do I need to sand a deck before staining?

It is recommended after heavy power washing to sand your deck before staining and sealing as wood fibers often rise as they expand with water which can cause splinters. You may use a power sander which can range from commercial upright rentals to standard household orbitals that are hand-operated. With commercial sanders, you can rent them from home improvement centers or other rental outlets.

Can you stain over stain?

Yes, if you are going for a darker stain you may stain over the lighter deck stain. You may use a semi-transparent or solid stain over a pre-existing solid stain. However, a semi-transparent stain over a solid stain will look off as well as not last. As far as routine restaining, typically a wood deck stain can be restained every 2-3 years for optimal performance or as needed after heavy foot traffic. 

What is the easiest way to stain a deck?

Here are some deck stain tips to make the process of how to stain deck wood easier. If your deck was coated before be sure to implement pressure washing to get rid of any paint chips that might be there. If there was simply a light coat lighter pressure will do. Be sure to allow the wooden deck to dry completely before beginning. Sand your wood if needed. Remove or mask doors and windows with drop cloths. For that matter create a workspace with clothes or plastic to keep dirt away from the stains. The best way to begin staining is to use a regular ½ inch roller in small sections and then use a brush to paint into cracks and grooves. Depending on your stylistic design confer with a specialist for any other specifications in steps or advice on recoats.

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Deck Stain vs Paint

The Benefits of Staining a Deck Versus Painting a Deck

  • A stain seeps into wood offering extra protection and strength.
  • A stain is more budget-friendly.
  • A deck stain offers a more natural look.
  • A stain is easier to apply.
  • Paint lasts longer.
  • Paint is easier to maintain.

Contact A Professional For Deck Stain Services

If you’re on the fence about whether a deck stain or paint job will work best for your wood deck contact a professional! They will be able to determine the best course of action for your budget and maintenance lifestyle so you can enjoy your wooden deck with ease. It’s important to keep up with maintenance in order for your wood deck to not become compromised in its integrity which can alter support of the overall structure. As of such, a wood deck stain comes in many forms and can even be painted over if necessary. For more questions, get in touch with a professional home improvement company today!

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