Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

Wooden fence

Wear and tear on your fence

It is said a good fence will make good neighbors, but what about when that fence starts to lean or sag? Does this mean the neighborhood is going bad or will some fence repair work keep the neighbors good? Yes, those things that make you go “hmmm” and you just keep reading to see where this article is going. 

Well, this article is going to answer questions about broken, leaning, and sagging fences. Questions like, “Should I repair or replace my fence?” and other questions. So, yes, please keep reading and let see what we learn today!   In answer to that first question, “Should I repair or replace my fence?”, the answer is ….. it depends. 

Yes, “it depends” is a broad response with not real direction. So, if you are unsure if fence repair or replacement is the better option, the immediate answer budget-wise is fence repair. In the short term, a fence repair is cheaper, even repainting it is cheaper, than replacing the fence. 

However, if a fence has served its purpose or a long period of time, the fence repairs may be more extensive than they are worth. Or maybe it is simply time to update the look of your property with a different style of fencing. 

How do you fix a sagging fence?

When it comes to fences and you say it is sagging, we assume you mean leaning, and that it is a wooden fence that you’re asking about.  So, we’ll answer this question accordingly with “How do you fix wooden fence that is leaning?” 

Assessment of the Situation

The first step is to get a clear picture and understanding as to what is causing the fence to lean.  It may be something as simply straightening some fence posts. Or you may discover it is more fence repair than that, but not bad enough to replace the fence entirely. 

Bent metal fence posts or rotted wood fence posts will require a fence repair of replacing those posts. If the posts are in cement though, that may be more detailed fence repairs needed. 

Relieve the Pressure 

To start any type of fence repair, like straightening a fence post, you’ll need to relieve the pressure from the fence structure itself. If your fence repair is on a chain link fence, you can do this by removing the clips and post caps. A wooden fence repair will require using extra 2x4x8 boards to brace the panels. With braces in place and staked on both fence sides, remove the horizontal stringers from the fence post.  

Excavate Around the Post

If the fence post was originally set properly, you’ll find a large area of concrete around the posts base. This needs to be removed which requires excavating around the chunk of cement 18” out around it and two foot down. Once you have that cement removed,  return the fence post to the spot, making sure it perfectly vertical using a level than brace it in place. 

Fill the Hole

Now, how do you want to fill the hole you just created getting that cement out? With rocky-type soil that is dry, use half wet sand and half small gravel, pack it heavily and tight. Let the bracing you created stay in place a few days while the fill settles in and around the hole. Now your fence repair job is ready to return the fence panels. 

If you need a stronger setting solution, take one bag of fast-setting concrete and pour it directly into the new hole, going around the post base. Then pour ½ gallon of water  slowly in the hole, allowing it time to soak in while you pour. In an hour or less you’ll have fence post set in concrete and ready for the panels to be attached. 

Can you repair concrete fence posts?

When fence posts have loosened or begun to lean, it usually because of the footing, or the backfill. The best solution for this fence repair project when the footing is earth and gravel, is to dig out the backfill and replumb the post. Then return the backfill with additional backfill if needed and tamp it down so that the fence posts integrity is returned. 

When there are concrete footings, the concrete may be cracked, or has moved. The best solution in these cases is to remove the old fence post and its footing, replace all with new materials. If the concrete footing still has a strong integrity, but the post is rotted and shrunk, simply drive shims around the post in the existing concrete. Make sure it is plumb then trim the shims down to the concrete and caulk around the post with a clear silicone caulk. 

 How to repair fence gate

A fence may look basic and simple, but there are several parts that make a fence, and one of those parts is the gate. The gate gets the most use, wear, and tear and with gravity is not its friend.  It is because of gravity and the heavy use that a wooden gate will begin to drop as the hinges are pulled loose and the gate becomes unsquared. 

At your local farm & feed store or home improvement store you can purchase anti-sag gate kits that will pull the low corner up toward the upper hinge, squaring the gate again so that it hangs and opens correctly.  Inside the kit, you’ll find: 

  • Metal corner brackets
  • Cable and cable fittings
  • A turnbuckle

Install the hardware and then pull the gate squared by turning the turnbuckle. When the gate begins to sag again (and it will), simply turn the turnbuckle. 

Who pays for fence repair between neighbors?

If the fence repair is for a fence installed on the boundary line between two properties and both properties uses the fence, then it is joint property and fence repair should be responsibility of both parties. Both parties should consult with 2 to 3 different Fence repair services and get quotes, then compare them together and choose the best one for all concerned. 

new ash fence

How long should a wooden fence last?

A professional contractor that offers fence repair and installation should apply a preservative over the wood once the fence is completed. With that preservative, a wooden fence can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance and fence repairs as needed. 

We pay monthly premiums for our homeowners insurance, so it seems only right we should benefit by the insurance company pay for things, right?  So, does homeowners insurance cover fence replacement?

Homeowner’s insurance is there to protect your home and personal belongings (and your mortgage company’s investment of providing you a loan) from the unexpected.  The unexpected is events like fire, hailstorms, lightning, vandalism, and windstorms.  It is pretty much the same thing as with the roof on your home. When a fence is damaged by any of those events, your homeowner’s insurance will pay ACV (actual cash value) to cover fence repair or replacement. Call (817) 506-7722 today for your fence repair in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX.