Which Wood Fence Is the Best?

A Picture of a Reddish Wooden Fence.

What Type of Wood Fence Lasts the Longest?

Are you looking for a wood fence for your home? Knowing what type of wood fence is the best is going to make the decision a lot easier. There are a few options that you can choose from in regards to wood fence materials.

  • Cedar: If you are worried about insects ruining your fence, then cedar is the best fence option for you! Cedar has natural oils that are able to deter insects. Not only can it stand up to insects, but it is also rot-resistant, beautiful, and long-lasting. A downside to cedar is that it is pretty expensive.
  • Cypress: For homeowners who aren’t interested in Cedar, they have a great alternative in Cypress. Cypress is also insect resistant because of the cypretine in the wood, as well as being rot-resistant. They also have a pretty good lifespan, but if they dry a certain way they can warp.
  • Pine: One of the most affordable wood fence materials that you can purchase is pine. It’s also great because it’s a soft material, so it is relatively easy to work with. They are also resistant to moisture, so there are no issues with the wood shrinking. If pine is treated with a coating, it can sometimes warp.
  • Redwood: The most commonly used wood material used for fences is redwood–this is because it is beautiful, durable, and very high-quality wood. Although this type of wood is resistant to insects and wood rot, it needs to be treated in order to avoid the color changing. It is also important to note that this kind of wood is expensive.

When choosing a fence, a lot of people tend to ask, “What is the life expectancy of a wooden fence?” it depends on the type of wood that you use, but the wood that lasts the longest is cedar, lasting upwards of 15 or 30 years. The next type of wood material that lasts the longest is pine. It’s important to note that cedar is expensive, but if it lasts for several decades, the upfront cost can be worth it.

Fence Repair Vs Replace

While wood fences are able to last for a long time, there are times when you need to consider fence repair and replacement. Many know what a fence replacement is, but might be asking, “What is fence repair?” Fence repair is when repairs are made to the fence that includes cracks, holes, and other damages. If the damage to the fence is too extensive, then a replacement will be needed. For homeowners who have a wooden fence, it’s important to know when to get fence repair or fence replacement service. So how do you know if you need fence repair or a replacement? When it comes to fence repair, you will need it if the fence has cracks, holes, discoloration, warping, splintering, or the fence is starting to lean. If the fence is past its prime, the wood is rotting, or it is starting to be eaten away by insects and termites, then a fence replacement is the better option.

Should I Seal My Fence?

Most wood fences are long-lasting, rot-resistant, and insect resistant, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a little extra something to keep them lasting longer. If you are looking to keep the color of your fence from fading or you want to avoid splintering wood and other forms of weathering and aging, then you can invest in a stain or seal for the fence. Many people ask, “How long do fences last?” and it typically depends on the kind of wood that is being used. Cedar and Pine are wood fences that are going to last the longest, but they can last a lot longer if they are sealed or coated. By investing in sealing your fence, you can get more years out of your home’s fence. Not investing in sealing for your fence can increase your chances of fence repair or replacement a lot sooner than you would like.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fence?

A Picture of a Hand Holding an Electric Drill That is Being Used On a Wooden Fence.

Is Fence Repair Covered By Insurance?

If you are needing fence repair or replacement, you might be wondering how much it’s going to cost and whether your homeowner’s insurance is going to cover it. In regards to fence repair or a replacement being covered by your insurance, there are only a few times that your insurance will cover repairs or a replacement. If one of your trees, your neighbor’s tree, someone drives through your fence, or your fence is vandalized or damaged by a storm, then your insurance provider will cover the cost. However, if a flood, earthquake, normal wear or tear, damage from termites or insects, or damage from mold harms your fence, then insurance won’t cover it. For people who are paying out of pocket for fence repair, they can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $400. If you are looking for fence repair in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, call the experts at Pro Seal Restoration. Just like you wouldn’t call just anyone for a residential roof replacement, you shouldn’t call just anyone for your fence repair. For a fence repair company who offers the best service, call us at (817) 506-7722!