Wood Restoration in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX

A Lovely Backyard View From a Wood Deck

Restoration Both Protects the Integrity of Your Wood and Provides a Dash of Rich Color.

Have you discovered growing cracks in your fencing or deck? Wood installations have an unfortunate tendency to degrade when left uncovered. Taking action and defending your installation with a protective coating can save your from early replacement. That’s not a project you want to take on willy-nilly. Unless you are really experienced in DIY projects, it’s best to entrust your fence, deck, or pergola to the professionals.

At Pro Seal Restoration, our friendly team has supported local homeowners and businesses with affordable restoration services. We can help bring life back into old cedar and whitewood installations. Your aging fence will look like-new when we’re done with it! Give our team a call today at (817) 506-7722 to learn more about our wood restoration in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX.

Restoring Old Wood

Our restoration solutions can take a dirty, worn wood installation and turn it into an attractive focal of your home. Old fences that have gone too long without a protective coating often suffer from fading and minor cracks. A rejuvenating stain can create a brand new hue for your installation, and prevent further UV ray damage. All this is accomplished with Wood Defender products, which offer durable defense against pests and wood rot.

The best part is that your fence, pergola, deck, garage door, etc. is going to look fantastic afterwards! We have so many colors and hues for your design pleasure. While your family is busy enjoying the gorgeous wood work, your protective stain is defending the wood from damaging UV rays.

When to Consider Restoration

A Worn and Faded Deck in the Fall

Weathered is a Trending Look. Just Make Sure Your Wood Deck is Protected!

As long as your wood deck, fence, etc. is still structurally sound, it’s a good candidate for restoration. Restoration does require that your wood structure be clean and rid of any mold or mildew growth. This ensures maximum, even absorption of the stain product. Our team can supply professional cleaning for your fencing, or you can take it on as a DIY project.

Staining is typically not appropriate for brand new wood material, especially for pressure-treated timber. Newer wood constructs often require months of waiting time before they are ready to absorb a stain or paint coating. Once the new wood has been given time to settle, we can apply a coating to protect it from moisture damage and other elemental hazards. If you’d like to find out whether or not your fence, deck, or other wooden installation could benefit from a stain, talk with one of knowledgeable experts at Pro Seal Restoration. You can learn more by calling (817) 506-7722 and asking about our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX wood restoration services.

Popular Restoration Services

Our restoration services can provide lasting results for all sorts of wood installations. That includes, pergolas, arbors, and even classic garage doors. Below, we’ve outlined some of our most popular wood restoration services. Even if you don’t see the exact service you’re looking for, there’s a chance we provide it.


Fence Restoration

Your fencing takes on a lot of direct sunlight during the day. While this is healthy for your plants, it dries out the natural oils in your fence’s timber, which can cause some unsightly cracks. Directly sunlight also fades the natural color of your wood. You can protect the fence with a coating of paint, but that covers up the lovely grain underneath.

Many homeowners prefer to stain their fence instead. This especially true for fences that utilize more premium lumber. Stains seep deep into the wood and prevent moisture from doing the same. If you’re wanting a low maintenance solution for your fence coating, staining is a great option.


Wood Door Restoration (for Garages)

Your wooden garage door may or may not sit in direct sunlight most of the day, but it certainly faces quite a few of its own challenges. For one there’s moisture that can get trapped in the door after rain, this can lead to smelly mold and mildew growth. Wood doors are also vulnerable to termites and carpenter ants, which eat their way into so many beautiful doors.

Finding the right stain that balances color enhancement, water-resistance, and pest protection can be challenging. Our team can help you find ideal options that fit your functional and design needs. Just consult with any of our skilled, knowledgeable staining pros!


Wood Window Restoration (for Shutters)

That’s right! Your shutters also need protection from the elements, maybe even more than other wooden installations. There’s high potential for water to become trapped behind your shutters, especially if they are fixed to the wall. Residual moisture encourages mold and mildew growth, which can have some stinky consequences. Sitting moisture can also rot the wood itself, which no one wants.

Our team can help protect your new or aging shutters, providing a pop of color that draws all eyes towards your beautiful windows. Find out which hue fits your personal tastes!

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  • Deck Staining Company Want to help your deck last for its full expected lifetime? Protect the wood with a durable, color-enhancing stain.
  • Garage Door Stains Our team offers staining service for your wooden garage door. Enjoy strong protection against pests and moisture damage.
  • Wood Fence Staining Does your wooden fence need protection? Defend your fence without covering up the natural grain!
  • Playset Staining Restore the color in your fun backyard or public playset with our professional staining services.
  • Shutter Stains Add one more pop of color to your gorgeous windows! You’ll also enjoy stronger protection from wood rot and pests.
  • Pergola Staining Service If your lovely pergola is starting to show signs of aging, ask about our helpful restoration services!