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Applying a Protective Stain to a New Wood Deck

Our Staining Service Not Only Accentuates Your Beautiful Wood, It Also Offers Better Waterproofing.

Constructing your beautiful wood deck is only half the battle. Once the project is completed, you’ll need to make sure your hard work is protected. That’s where a protective stain and seal comes into play.

At Pro Seal Restoration, we provide a wide variety of deck staining services for you to safeguard your beautiful wood. Our professionals proudly offer products from Wood Defender, which supply lasting results for all your wood projects. Homeowners with cedar, white wood, or pressure-treated wood decking can all enjoy these beautiful results! To learn more about the materials we use or for any questions about our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX deck staining company, give our team a call at (817) 506-7722.

Our experts at Pro Seal Restoration have assisted countless families with brand new installations, plus homeowners with existing decks. Be sure to check out our reviews to see what local families and businesses have to say bout our staining services! You can also explore our many other restoration solutions.

Deck Cleaning and Staining

So why should homeowners have their deck stained? One of the most important functions of a stain is safeguarding the deck from moisture and wood-eating pests. That’s why the stain products we apply offer enhanced sealing capability, so that your decking is protected even during intense rain storms. Of course, there’s also the enhancing capabilities that makes your wood deck pop with color.

How does the process work? First, we start by ensuring that your deck is clean and prepared to receive staining. Staining an old deck can be a challenge if the wood hasn’t been properly sanded and cleaned. That’s why part of our wood deck restoration service includes professional cleaning for your deck, prior to starting the staining. Once the surface is dry and ready for business, we’ll carefully apply your choice of stain.

Applying Deck Stain

Beads of Water Clump Together on Top of Stained Wood

With a Protective Stain, Your Decking Will Be Safer From Harsh Weather and Pests.

At this point, the stain is applied carefully and evenly to ensure maximum absorption into the wood. This will require clear weather conditions to ensure that rain doesn’t interrupt the process. Our professionals diligently check to make sure that all edges, crevices, and angles are treated.

How long does deck stain take to dry? You’ll need at least 24 hours after application for the wood to absorb the stain and sealant, then dry. This is another reason why picking a clear few days for the staining project is so important. After the drying has finished, you’ll enjoy the finished results for 2-3 years.

What to Expect Following Staining

As we mentioned earlier, your deck will enjoy years of enhanced color quality. More importantly, your wood will be protected from harmful insects and moisture. The sealant also provides strong defense against ultraviolet radiation, which naturally degrades wood over time. Finally, many Wood Defender stain products also provide additional resistance against fungal and mildew growth. That means less hassle maintaining your deck and more time enjoying it!

Talk with one of our deck restoration experts at (817) 506-7722 and see about getting a quote for your home! Our professionals at Pro Seal Restoration would be happy to answer any of your questions. You’ll quickly see why so many homeowners and businesses choose us as their Fort Worth and Arlington, TX deck staining company.

Types of Deck Stain

There are several types of stain, but most are categorized by opacity. Transparent stains include very little pigment, while solid color stains act very similar to paint. Products also vary by added features, such as mildew-resistance. The best wood deck stain solutions will guard your property against a variety of hazards.

Below, we’ll break down three primary category of stain and explain which projects they work best for.


Transparent Staining

For homeowners that love the rustic appearance of wood products, clear coats provide sealing power with very little pigment obscuring the natural grain underneath. You’ll still enjoy durable protection against rain and insects, of course. This option is particularly great for brand new installations and premium wood decks that already boast a beautiful aesthetic.


Semi-Transparent Stains

Semi-transparent stains are just that: partially visible staining. These products gently change the hue of the underlying wood without covering up much of the natural grain. This staining is perfect for lightly worn decks with lovely texture that you want to show off. There are many accenting colors for you to choose from, so it’s easy to find the right style for your home or business.


Solid Staining

For those homeowners who would prefer to cover up most of the underlying wood decking, a solid coating might be right choice. This style is particularly common for families whose decking is showing signs of fading or blemishes. If you're tired of paint jobs fading long before they're supposed to, consider a more durable solid stain.

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A Lovely Stained Deck on a Sunny Afternoon

What Sort of Coloring Will You Choose for Your Deck Stain?

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