Pergola Staining

A Gorgeous Backyard Deck and Pergola

Protect Your Pergola From UV Ray Exposure Through a Powerful Stain.

Your beautiful pergola offers rest, shade, and relaxation for the entire family, especially in the Spring and Summertime! At Pro Seal Restoration, we want to ensure that your pergola has all the protection it requires from the elements and other wood-related hazards. That’s why we supply professional staining services for your home and business.

Our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX pergola stain options provide rejuvenated color for both new and aging timber. Discover your perfect hue by talking with one of our professionals at (817) 506-7722! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about your color options or our process.

Caring For Your Pergola

Most pergolas are crafted using cedar wood, which is much stronger than the white woods used for many other home projects. The aging process can produce a weathered look for your pergola, which has a very enchanting aesthetic. Unfortunately, this aging process can also leave your wood even more susceptible to the elements. Our staining professionals at Pro Seal Restoration work hard to extend the life of your pergola, and our staining services go a long way.

Common Problems

So why does something as resilient as a pergola require staining, or maintenance in general? As with any wood decor situated outside, your pergola faces quite a few challenges as it braves the elements. Sunlight alone is enough to degrade your wood and eliminate the natural oils that protect it. Of course, there are several other issues for homeowners to contend with.

Dirt & Mildew

Dirt and Mildewed Surfaces

Dirt smudges obscure the beautiful wood grain of your pergola, which is just one of many reasons  why consistent cleaning is so essential. Keeping the wood clean also extends the life of your structure. Basic wood cleaner can be purchased at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Instead of renting a pressure washer, see if you can remove stubborn dirt clumps with a high pressure hose attachment.

Removing any existing mildew is absolutely critical. Otherwise, you’ll start to notice an unpleasant smell and splotches on your beautiful wood. You can utilize the same wood cleaning products that you’d rely on for a deck. Just avoid using chlorine based bleach, as these can dry out the wood. Try an oxygen bleach instead, and equip yourself with a sturdy bristle brush to get that stubborn grime.

Pesky Insects

Harmful Insect Activity

One of the most weighty concerns homeowners have is termite infestation. Termites, carpenter ants, and a few other critters can take quite a toll on your pergola. Not only do they produce unsightly scarring on the surface of your wood, extensive consumption can even result in structural degradation. While certain insecticides provide capable protection for your garden, your pergola needs its own special shielding.


Jagged Surfaces

Rough edges, and jagged surfaces may feel less imposing than short-term problems (like mildew growth), but rough surfaces can lead to more serious damage down the line. For one, it increases the likelihood of splintering. Second, the rough appearance can also take some of the aesthetic pleasure out of your pergola. Thankfully, these problems can be eliminated with a bit sandpaper.

Stain and Sealing Process

A Columned Pergola With a Glass Top

Enjoy the Outdoors Without Too Much Sun!

At Pro Seal Restoration, we never want to rush a staining project, only to have deteriorate later on. That’s why we make sure that your pergola is fully prepared and ready to absorb the staining color of your choice, whether that be a transparent coat, or a solid. Our professionals will happily walk you through the process beforehand and explain the required conditions.

We’ve outline a little of our staining process below. For more detailed information, you’re welcome to contact our team at (817) 506-7722 and ask your questions! We want you to feel absolutely confident in our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX pergola stain service. You can also see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about our work in the reviews.


Initial Cleaning and Prep

Clean surfaces is essential, as dirt clumps and other gunk can impede effective stain absorption. Our team can perform the wood cleaning for you, addressing any residual dirt or mildew growth. Following cleaning, the wood needs to be left alone to dry completely. You can expect drying time to take one to two days, so you'll want to find a time with an extended clear weather forecast.


Professional Staining

Once the many surfaces of the pergola have been prepped, our team gets to work with the staining. Careful, even application ensures that the stain is properly absorbed without creating any clumps or splotches. Diligently treating the edges, nooks, and crannies is essential here. Gaps could lead to unsightly stains and strange wear marks. Our professionals take their time to guarantee every inch of your pergola is treated.

What to Expect From Our Pros

Green Lawn Chairs Beneath a White Pergola

Your Wooden Pergola Needs Protection From Pests Like Termites and Carpenter Ants.

Once the stain has been absorbed into the wood and dried, you can expect years of powerful protection against the elements and pests. If you chose a semi-transparent or solid stain, you’ll also enjoy the enhanced color. If you stuck with a clear coating, you’ll love the un-obscured, rustic appearance of your pergola.

Get Your Estimate For Pergola Stain Service!

Is your Pergola starting to show signs of its age? Are you looking to protect your property against pests, fungal growth, and other wood hazards? Our team at Pro Seal Restoration would love to help! We’ve provided staining services for both businesses and families for years now. When you call our team at (817) 506-7722 and ask about our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX pergola stain service, you’ll quickly see how our results speak for themselves. Contact our team today! We can’t wait to serve you.