Playset Staining

A Lovely But Old Playset in a Park

A Protective Wood Staining Can Also Restore the Dulled Color of an Old Playset!

At Pro Seal Restoration, we provide staining services for all kinds of wooden installations. One of our specialties is Fort Worth and Arlington, TX playset staining, which can greatly extend the life of your outdoor investment. How can your home, church, school, etc. benefit? Give our team a call at (817) 506-7722 and find out!

Personal Playset Restoration

Having your own backyard playset is exciting! It’s a great tool for your kids’ exercise and outdoor fun, and it will last you for years with proper maintenance. However, there are a few challenges you’ll face in keeping up your playset. These include:

  • Wood-eating pests
  • UV ray degradation
  • Wood root
  • Cleaning

Why do people stain their fences? They do it because ultraviolet light from sunlight naturally degrades the pigment in exposed wood. That's not all. The protective oils produced by wood are also dried up by ultraviolet rays. Noticeable signs include cracks, and some painful splinters (just like those in your playset)!

There are some less noticeable, but equally dangerous hazards that may attack your playset. Wood rot arises when moisture rests against wood for too long. It greatly impacts the integrity of wood materials. Even pressure treated wood can feel the effects after a time. This is why builders encase fence and deck posts in concrete, rather than sticking the posts in the ground uncovered. 

Public Playset Staining

A Perky School Playset

Want to Protect Your Wooden Playset Against Pests and UV Rays? Try a Vibrant, Solid Color Stain.

After investing the money into creating that beautiful wooden playset for your school, daycare, or church, you probably want it to last as long as possible! If that’s how you feel, consider our playset stain and sealer solutions. For further details about our services, give our team a call at (817) 506-7722 and ask for more information about our playset staining in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX and nearby communities.

How can your organization benefit from one of our professional stains? First, stain sinks down into the timber to supply powerful protection against wood rot. Rot greatly weakens the durability of wood beams, and is one of the chief contributing factors to early replacement. These stains also create a barrier against termites and carpenter ants, which all too often like to dig into wooden structures. Carpenter ants are especially troublesome, as they inflict painful bites when defending their territory. If our professionals apply a white wood or cedar playset stain however, you’ll notice much stronger resistance against these elements.

Another key benefit of wood-restoring stains is color enhancement. If you’ve ever seen a worn down and faded deck, you know what a difference a splash of color can make. Staining produces a lovely outburst of color that protects against harmful UV rays (without obscuring the wood grain). Make your outdoor playset even more inviting by choosing one of our beautiful staining options!

Staining Options

There’s more than one way to stain a playset! Some organizations prefer a simplistic clear coating that protects the underlying wood but adds no additional coloring. Others lean towards solid stains, which add your choice of color to the timber. No matter what opacity preference you decide on, we’d love to perform your Fort Worth and Arlington, TX playset staining. Give our professional crew a call today at (817) 506-7722. Be sure to see what other homeowners and businesses have to say about our services in the reviews section!


Transparent Stains

Do you prefer to keep things simple? Does natural wood provide all the beauty and warmth you’ll ever need? Then consider a transparent stain to protect your playset. With little to no pigment added to the product, you’ll enjoy an uninterrupted few of the natural wood grain which so many love. Of course, you’ll still have the additional benefits of wood rot and pest resistance.

Just make sure your clear stain is rated high for UV ray protection. This will extend the life of your wood considerably.


Semi-Transparent Solutions

Between clear coatings and solid color products, semi-transparent stains have the best of both worlds. There’s the unimpeded view of the wood grain, which is especially valuable for premium materials like cedar or redwood. You’ll also love the subtle color enhancements that really make the timber pop! Finding the hue that excites your design tastes is simple and enjoyable.

All the tradiational perks are included too, such as rot resistance, pest protection, and UV radiation shielding.

Solid Stain

Solid Color Stains

While homeowners, businessmen, and organizational managers often enjoy the rustic look of more translucent stains, there comes a time when the wood has just become too worn. If that’s the case for your playset, you may wish to consider a solid color stain. This obscure more of the underlying grain, but they offer the richest color enhancement of any stains.

Covering up wood degradation is also very easily done with a solid stain. All you have to do is decide which color best fits with your play area! Again, all the standard elemental protection comes attached.

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