Wood Fence Staining

Staining a Worn Picket Fence

Our Staining Services Preserve Beautiful Wood Fencing, From Small Pickets to Large Privacy Fences.

Whether you’ve installed a brand new wood fence, or you’re looking to care for an aging installation, our team at Pro Seal Restoration is here to help you extend the life of your fencing! Our staining professionals offer a wide variety of vibrant and rich colors to boost your fence’s curb appeal. For fans of the rustic aesthetic of natural wood, we also provide clear protective coatings.

Learn more about what our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX wood fence staining company has to offer by talking with one of our friendly experts at (817) 506-7722. They’ll happily answer any of your questions about the process, whether your fence would benefit, and how you can pick your perfect color. Our wood fence care is available for homeowners and businesses alike. We can’t wait to serve you!

Staining a New Fence

For homeowners who’ve installed a brand new wood fence, it’s understandable that you want to protect it for as long as possible. Without proper care, there are several environmental factors and pest hazards that could speed your fence towards early replacement. That’s what protective coatings and sealants are for. Staining is one of the most popular methods for protecting wood projects, because it does so without completely obscuring the beautiful grain.

When it comes to staining your fence however, proper timing is essential.

When to Stain a New Fence

Some fence staining companies get into trouble with new installations because they don’t wait for a sufficient time. Cedar, pine, or whatever wood you choose requires a waiting period following installation. This wait time could be one to two months after installation, or even longer for pressure treated wood materials. When the wood pores eventually open up, they’ll be ready for stain absorption. Consult with a trained professional from our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX wood fence staining company at (817) 506-7722, and see when your fence will be ready.

Want an easy way to test your fence? Take a few drops of water and pour them on top of your fence. Do they bead up and settle on the top, or does the wood readily absorb the moisture? If the wood quickly takes in the droplets, you can get the ball rolling on the staining process.

Staining an Old Fence

A Composite Image of Before and After a Stain

Even Old, Faded Wood Can Benefit From a Professional Stain!

Wood fencing must withstand quite a few environmental challenges over the years. We mentioned a few of these earlier: ultraviolet light from the sun, termites, and wood rot. Untreated timber is particular vulnerable against these elements. Though some homeowners enjoy the aged aesthetic of uncovered wood, it could lead to replacing your fence years ahead of the usual expiration time.

That’s where staining comes in handy. When applied correctly, stains sink into the wood and create moisture-resistant barrier. The coating also protects against those harmful UV rays that dry out your wood’s natural oils (which prevent cracking). They also deter invasive pests from consuming the fence. With a protective stain periodically applied every few years, you can expect your fence to last considerably longer.

Conditions for Restaining a Wood Fence

First, you need to test the wood to ensure your fence is actually ready to take on a new stain. Once you’ve confirmed the old stain has worn off, the fence will need to be completely cleaned of dirt, mold, and/or mildew. This can be done with a mild pressure washing at 1,500 psi, using a 25 degree tip. You don’t want to increase the pressure too much, as this could mar the wood.

Our team is also happy to perform the preparatory cleaning for you! Afterwards, the fence will need one to two full days to dry completely, otherwise it can’t effectively absorb the staining product. That’s why our team recommends waiting for a clear weather forecast.

What to Expect From Our Service

Applying a Protective Stain or Varnish

You’ll Love the Rich Colors and Sturdy Protection Our Wood Fence Staining Service Has to Offer!

Our professionals take time and care to ensure a smooth, even stain. Solid color stains can usually be completed with only one coating, though semi-transparent and lighter stains will likely require two. Drying time takes a full day, but afterwards your fence will enjoy durable protection for two to three years.  

We have numerous options for you to choose from, from color-enhancing coatings to protective clear coatings. If you’d like help selecting a product that works for your particular fence material, our stain experts would be thrilled to consult with you! You’ll appreciate the defensive capabilities of the stain, and you’ll love the added curb appeal as the natural grain shines through.

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Want to make your fence pop with vibrant color? Give our team a call today at (817) 506-7722 and ask about our staining options. We can provide preparatory cleaning service to ensure that your fence receives an even, smooth coating. Once our team get’s started on the project, you’ll quickly see why so many homeowners and businesses choose us as their Fort Worth and Arlington, TX wood fence staining company. Be sure to check out our reviews!